SONSHINBAL : Genderless Handmade SHOES
Opened Sonshinbal shoe store
Launched book event
Introduced 2D Bespoke Service online
Relocated the Sonshinbal store to Hongdae
Started donating to Eastern Social Welfare Society
Started donating to Korea National Council on Social Welfare
Began to host a sharing event on Facebook
Relocated the Sonshinbal factory to Yeonhui-dong
Launched the product line SONUS
Held a briquette sharing event online
Renovated the Sonshinbal website
Introduced 3D Bespoke Service online (the first in South Korea)
Developed outsoles exclusive at Sonshinbal
Participated in 2016 Busan International Shoes Show
Launched the product line Walser
Held the first Sonshinbal Design Contest
Incorporated 3D printers for research
Opened Sonshinbal Lab
Adopted the industrial laser cutter
Launched the product line Hand-Dyed
Started donation events on Facebook
Created shoe care sets
Held the second Sonshinbal Design Contest
Participated in 2017 Busan International Shoes Show
Started 365 Event on Facebook
Opened a shoe care class
Improved the footwear line SONUS
Launched the product line CUS
Renovated the Sonshinbal online store
Started selling internationally
Started donating to World Vision International
Opened an international online store
Expanded international platform
Published a shoe care book
Published Sonshinbal Style Magazine
Started interview project Sonshinbal Daily
Hosted Pick Event
Participated in Seoul Fashion Week
Opened our official Global Shop
launched exclusively in Cloline Japan
Online website renewal
Entered ebay, Q10
SONSHINBAL FACTORY Expansion and relocation to Jungnim-ro, Jung-gu
MIKAGESHIN NY 21AW/22SS Fashion Show Collaboration
BASEMARK Fashion Show 21AW Collaboration
Opened Shibuya Scramble Square pop-up store in Japan
BTS Official MV "Butter" "permission to dance" Sponsored
Official website renewal
Design R&D department established
MIKAGESHIN NY 22AW/23SS Fashion Show Collaboration
BASEMARK Fashion Show 23SS Collaboration
ZIOSONGZIO collaboration product development
Mikage Shin Japan collaboration product development
DCAFEINE HOMME 23SS NY Collection Collaboration Product Development

Founded in 2013, Sonshinbal is a made-to-order shoemaker, whose name is inspired by the word ‘handmade shoes’ in Korean.

‘Development’ is a pivotal value that lies in our philosophy in shoemaking. Our factory, care service, and laboratory are operated directly by us. We also do continuous research in order to introduce 3D printers and scanners to our shoemaking processes.

We operate our own factory, where we craft footwear of excellent quality exclusive to Sonshinbal. We handle all processes from designing to development, quality control, and shipping for superior quality.

Experience a variety of quality shoes at Sonshinbal.

We are always happy to build up a partnership with various people who share our values.
Send your inquiries for partnership/campaigns to us at We will get back to you soon.

Mon-Fri 11:00AM-08:00PM
Sat-Sun 12:00PM-08:00PM (KST)
2, Yeonhui-ro 2-an-gil, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul